#GHC18 Registration Transfers and Resales

#GHC18 Registration Transfers and Resales

If you realize that you cannot attend the Grace Hopper Celebration, we strongly encourage you to transfer your registration to another member of the GHC community. To find someone to take your place, search your personal and professional networks, the Systers list, Community.AnitaB.org discussion forums, and the #GHC18 hashtag on your favorite social media sites. In the spirit of community, we strongly encourage you to re-sell your registration for no more than the price you paid. We’re all in this together!

To those of you who were unable to secure a GHC 18 registration, we understand your disappointment. We encourage you to reach out to search your personal and professional networks, the Systers list, and Community.AnitaB.org discussion forums, or check the #GHC18 hashtag on social media.

Be wary of anyone asking for more than the original registration cost, and/or of listings on CraigsList, eBay, or other sites that are not visible to the larger GHC community. Also, remember that Student, Academic, and Transition registrations have special requirements; you will be asked to validate your qualifications at badge pickup.

In order to complete the transfer, the original registration purchaser can contact GHC@AnitaB.org with the full name and email address of the replacement attendee. Financial transactions related to registration transfers are the sole responsibility of the original purchaser and substitute attendee; we cannot assist with this part of the process.

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