Yadi Younse

Yadi Younse is the Co-founder and CMO of Motiv, a social and financial technology enterprise that provides everyone — regardless of income, credit history, or citizenship status — with transparent and affordable financial services. Motiv aims to help its users save more of their hard-earned money, build credit, and improve their overall financial health. As CMO of Motiv, Yadi is responsible for partnerships, marketing, and customer success.

Prior to helping build Motiv, Yadi worked in the nonprofit and legal sectors, spending more than a decade dedicating herself to organizations striving to help underserved communities with economic inclusion, access to services, and advocacy. Yadi now lives and breathes Motiv’s mission of financial inclusion.

Yadi earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy with a minor in public policy from UCLA, and a MBA in international business from the American International College. She also studied and worked in England, Mexico, and Thailand.

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