#GHC15 Resume Database

So the GHC Resume Database has been open for a while now so why haven’t you tossed your resume in it already?
I never looked at uploading my resume to the GHC database as yet another thing on my ever-growing-Ihavetodowhatagain-list.
It was always my golden ticket of opportunity.
Here’s the thing:
Now more than ever, more and more women in tech want to attend this conference (hello sold out conference status!) and more and more companies want to recruit the women who attend. Why would you take the opportunity away from yourself?

For the first timers:
You’ll notice that companies have interview booths and they are interviewing throughout the job fair. A lot of times, those companies have prefilled their interview time slots before the conference even begins and they’ve selected those interviewees from the resume database.** A lot of work begins before the conference begins. This includes things like technical phone screens, coding challenges and/or initial interviews. There is a chance that you could go to the job fair and score a last minute interview with your dream company but for added insurance, create your resume and put it in the database.
If I could sum up one word to describe the job fair it’d be exposure.
GHC wrangles some of the best companies and puts them side by side in one convention center. I equate this to going to Sephora. Awesome for me…potentially deadly for my wallet. Point is, recruiters from these companies will be combing through the database in search of potential interviewees. Give yourself a leg up before the conference even starts, polish your resume off and submit it today!

I would like to note though there is a waitlist this year and for all of you on the waitlist, I’d advise you to throw your resume in the database anyways.

Throw your resume in today! -> http://gracehopper.org/resume-database/

** Each company is of course different, so your experience may vary.

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