GHC15: Extended Deadline to Apply for Lunch Time Table Topic Leaders

Do you have something you really want to talk to other women about at Grace Hopper Celebration next month? Whether you feel like an expert, or you want to learn from other women — please apply to host a table topic.Topics can be specific: «Entering Tech Later in Career», «iOS Game App Devs», «Switching from Technical to Management Track» — to more broad: «FOSS», «Security»,»Privacy», «iOS», «Traveling for work», «Working with Toddlers at Home», «Finding Sponsors» — etc. Note — even feel free to host one of these topics!

What does it mean to host? Start the conversation, have a few questions or discussion points up your sleeve and share your enthusiasm for the topic with others.

Please note: On the application, Thursday is noted as going until 3:30. That end time is optional, as there is a break after lunch. If you can’t commit to that entire time, simply committing for the lunch «hour» is good, too!

We’ll be closing applications on Friday, September 25, 11:59PM PT.

Please spread the word! Thank you!
Valerie Fenwick, GHC Communities Co-Chair

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