Daniela Busse

Daniela Busse (Ph.D.), Director at Citi Ventures’ Global Innovation Network, focuses on breakthrough innovation in labs across the US, Asia, Israel, and Europe, with deep expertise in Design and User Experience Research. Throughout her career, she has been continuously analyzing, envisioning, and redefining the role of technology in people’s everyday lives. Prior to joining Citi she held roles as director-level Design Futurist and innovation team lead at Samsung Research America (SRA), as UX Director/Chief UX Architect in Hasso Plattner’s innovation team in SAP’s Office of the CEO, and as Design Researcher at Microsoft’s Office Design. Through her award-winning work, she has been defining ground-breaking new uses and designs for technologies and devices, led multi-disciplinary UX innovation projects for future roadmap ideation, and researched and incubated breakthrough new product concepts and experiences. She received her Ph.D. in complex systems analysis & design from Glasgow University’s Department of Computing Science (Scotland, UK), and also her summa cum laude degrees in both Computing Science and Psychology. She holds multiple patents and has published frequently in the field of UX Design, Research, and Innovation.