CFP Checklist

CFP Checklist


Make It Count: The Definitive CFP Checklist

√ Review our FAQ for a comprehensive list of questions and answers.

√ Watch the walkthrough of the CFP Form via video here.

√ Write down 2-3 main areas of expertise or topics that you wish to speak about.

√ Review our 2024 Tracks, Subtopics and Session Formats. 

√ Envision what your session would be like: 

   > Speaking alone or with other thought leaders?
   > On stage or in the comfort of your home?
   > Who would be in the audience?
   > What would attendees say about your session?

√ Gather all the required information in coordination with all speakers in your session proposal (See here for full list of CFP questions). 

   > Decide on who will be the main point of contact for your session (If you’re reading this checklist, it’s likely you!)
   > Choose a track, subtopic and session that suits your vision.
   > Craft all session information including session title, description, and experience level. 
   > Gather biographical and demographic information for all speakers.
   > [Tip] Submit supporting materials for faster consideration of your session proposal.

√ Nominate someone for our Technical Leadership or Tech in Government Abie Award.

√ Submit the 2024 Call for Participation Form before March 20th (11:59 PM PT).

√ Keep an eye on your inbox for a decision. Decisions will be sent on a rolling basis.

Important Dates: Mark Your Calendar

Monday, January 22:

Call for Participation opens and/or submit an Abie Award Nomination or session proposal today!

Monday, February 19:

GHC 24 decisions on Abie Award Nominations and session proposal selection begins.

Wednesday, March 20 (11:59 PM PT):

Final date to submit an Abie Award Nomination and/or session proposal for GHC 24.

Thursday, May 30:

GHC 24 decisions on Abie Award Nominations and session proposal selection ends.

Your Questions Answered: Comprehensive FAQs

Check out these useful tips designed to help you submit a proposal for a session that will captivate the GHC community and position you as a thought leader committed to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive future for women and non-binary technologists. If you have additional questions email us at

Q: When are submissions accepted?

GHC 24 session submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis. The first round of acceptances will be sent on February 19th, 2024. All decisions will be sent by May 30th, 2024.

Q: What are sessions at GHC like?

GHC brings together the brightest technical minds from all career stages. The global Celebration for 2024 will be virtual and in-person in Philadelphia. Catering to everyone from community seekers to knowledge builders, programming focuses on:

   > Advancing inclusion & diversity in the tech workforce. 
   > Sharing technical knowledge & trends. 
   > Promoting interpersonal and technical skill development. 
   > Fostering connection building for women and non-binary technologists.

Q: What makes a session topic great?

Great session topics often stem from a single question or problem and have a clear outcome in mind. If you’ve been grappling with any aspect of your work, rest assured that others have faced similar challenges. Successful sessions address information, skills, behaviors, or perspectives that resonate with a specific person in mind at GHC, creating an engaging and enriching experience for our diverse community.

Q: What do I need to consider when proposing an additional speaker?

Engaging sessions typically include diverse perspectives – particularly for panels and presentations. All sessions with two or more speakers should consider:

   > Gender representation.
   > Diverse ethnic backgrounds. 
   > Geography and professional background of speakers.
   > Diverse thought and opinion.    
   > Effective public speaking skills.

Q: What if I kind of have a session idea, but it’s not fully formed yet?

That’s completely okay! Because of their flexible format, consider submitting for a Braindate to cover a more niche topic that can be explored with a smaller audience. This format is also great for new and first-time speakers!

Q: What if I don’t have a session idea, but I’m an experienced speaker and would like to be considered for available opportunities?

You can complete our Call for Participation form as a General Speaker. You will need to provide information about yourself and your area of expertise. This will allow Event Content team to review your eligibility for our GHC programming and our organizational annual speaker programming, which includes Membership and Local Events.

Q: When do I need to submit my proposal?

You must submit your proposal on or before March 20th 11:59PM via the Call for Participation form.

Q: What is required for the submission form?

To apply to speak at any event or program, we require that a point of contact is identified to streamline communications. This person is responsible for collecting all the details of all speakers in the session proposed. There are two primary sections for our annual call for participation, speaker and session information. The speaker section includes questions regarding contact info, biography, photo, previous experiences speaking and other demographic questions. The session section requests details about the session title, description, audience level, track, subtopic and session format specific questions. See here for the detailed list of required and recommended fields within the call for participation form.

Q: What is the proposal review process?

Our goal is to build a program with a mix of practical workshops, culturally focused discussions, and thought-provoking sessions that inspire new ways of thinking for women and nonbinary technologists. Our review process involves a combination of two governing bodies: The Event Content Team and the Content Council.

The Content Council stands as a distinguished assembly of seasoned technical professionals and subject matter experts with a demonstrated commitment and passion towards advancing our organizational mission. Utilizing their previous experience in reviewing GHC content and technical expertise, the Content Council diligently evaluates the technical robustness and ensures alignment with our overarching objectives.

The Event Content Team & Council will look for the following when reviewing proposals:

   > Relevance to one or more of our core audiences (including: students and early-career product thinkers, established product professionals, news and technology executives, global product thinkers, etc.).
   > Advanced technical case studies or skills. 
   > Innovative and participatory session approach.
   > Clearly articulated expected participant takeaways.    
   > Representation of diversity across speaker diversity, global region, news organization type, etc.

Q: How do I know which career level I fall into when applying to speak at GHC?

Reflect on your current role and experience. If you are in the early stages with foundational technical skills, you are likely at the Early Career level. Mid-level professionals dealing with operational challenges would be at the Mid-Career level, while those involved in strategic decision-making are at the Senior or Executive levels. You can also refer to the help text in the CFP form itself for guidance.

Q: What are attendees looking for?

Each year, we collect feedback from attendees to improve our program. These were key takeaways from 2023:

   > Advanced and/or niche technical knowledge.
   > Session content that matches the session description.
   > Practical takeaways designed into the session content.    
   > More diverse representation.



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