Call for Participation

Call for Participation


Be a Voice at GHC 24

Our GHC 24 Call for Participation is now closed. Submissions will be accepted for our non-GHC events only.

We are still calling for speakers who are ready to inspire and lead an inclusive future in tech at our events hosted all year long. Share your expertise on career growth, technical upskilling, leadership, DEIB, and more. Apply now to shape discussions in tech and be part of a distinguished speaking lineup at the world’s largest gathering of women and non-binary technologists.

Apply Now to Speak at Membership and Local Events

6 Top Reasons to Speak at GHC 24

Attend GHC: Receive complimentary registration as a speaker or Abie Awardee selected through the Call for Participation.

Make an Impact: Empower and inspire the next generation of women and non-binary technologists through a workshop, panel, presentation and more!

Network: Connect with like-minded professionals and industry leaders. With Braindates, curate conversations on a niche topic of your choice.

Celebrate: Highlight your accomplishments in the community by nominating yourself or someone else for an Abie Award.

Visibility: Showcase your thought leadership on a global stage.

Contribute to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: Make an impact by fostering dialogue, sharing your knowledge, and championing change in the tech industry and beyond.

Choose Your Path: Diverse Session Formats at GHC 24

Featured – An elevated session that offers deep insights, out-of-the-box thinking, and innovative solutions on the selected topic.

Panel – An engaging exchange of opinions with counterpoints among peers on a specific topic. This session is 45 minutes total. ( 1 moderator​ + 3-4 panelists)

Presentation – A talk about technology, research, and/or career tips to boost women and non-binary technologists’ growth and inclusion in STEM. This session is 45 minutes total; 30 minutes for presentation with 15 minutes for Q&A. (1-2 presenters)

Workshop – Immersive sessions offering hands-on activities for practical learning and tangible takeaways in skills development, personal growth, or technology demonstrations. This session is 60 minutes total. (2-3 facilitators)

Lightning Talks – Informal Ask-Me-Anything style discussions with experts in tech. This session is 30 minutes total; 15 minutes for presentation with 15 minutes for Q&A. (1 speaker)

Braindate – Casual, topical networking and knowledge sharing on demand. This session is 30 minutes total. (1 speaker)

GHC 24 Open Source Day – An all-day event dedicated to community-driven exploration and learning with open source technology. (1 to 3 Project maintainer(s)​)

Important Dates: Mark Your Calendar

Monday, January 22:

Call for Participation opens and/or submit an Abie Award Nomination or session proposal today!

Monday, February 19:

GHC 24 decisions on Abie Award Nominations and session proposal selection begins.

Wednesday, March 20 (11:59 PM PT):

Final date to submit an Abie Award Nomination and/or session proposal for GHC 24.

Thursday, May 30:

GHC 24 decisions on Abie Award Nominations and session proposal selection ends.

Check the CFP Checklist

Shape your Impact: Explore GHC 24 Tracks & Programs

Share your expertise on topics that matter most to you and meet the needs of GHC attendees. Find your fit within our range of topics: 

   > Technology
   > Culture
   > Career Transitions
   > Work Reimagined
   > Job Seeker’s Toolkit
   > Senior to C-Suite
   > Open Source Day
   > Abie Awards

Technology: Designed to help attendees meaningfully upskill, uncover new opportunities, and connect with experts and specialists, this track is all about the latest tech and lifestyle trends, innovations, and challenges in tech.

   > AI / ML  
   > Beauty  
   > Energy  
   > Security  
   > Machines  
   > Public Interest/Gov’t    
   > Health & Wellness   
   > Media, Marketing & Creativity   
   > Product 
   > Startups   
   > Finance   
   > DevOps 
   > Web Development 
   > Data

Culture: In this track, speakers will delve into the intersection of culture and technology, examining pivotal issues in the digital age to encourage dialogues on social justice, well-being, and the positive contributions technology can make to human-centered progress.

   > Self-Care in Digital Age 
   > Digital Social Movements 
   > Pay Equity & Transparency 
   > Menstrual Justice  
   > Digital Citizenship 
   > Inclusive Language 
   > Tech for Social Good 
   > Mental Health in the Tech

Career Transitions: In this track, speakers will explore shifts in identity, career, and personal growth.

   > Returnship  
   > Long Term Career Strategy   
   > From non-Technical to Technical  
   > Shifting Industries  
   > Digital Branding – how to communicate your shift  
   > Individual Contributor to Manager

Work Reimagined: Speakers will share how women and non-binary technologists can reimagine the path to money, power, and positions in the tech industry.

   > DEIB 
   > Tech & Social Impact 
   > Entrepreneurship 
   > Creating Inclusive Work Environments 
   > Addressing Bias  
   > Inclusive Tech Organizations

Job Seeker’s Toolkit: This practical track is designed to support women and non-binary job seekers in search of essential skills, job-hunting strategies, and networking opportunities in tech.  

   > Resume
   > Hiring Insights & Trends
   > Salary Negotiation
   > Career Storytelling
   > Recruiter POV  
   > Networking Strategies

Senior to C-Suite: Designed exclusively for tech professionals advancing from senior leadership to C-Suites, this track features speakers who will impart the essentials of contemporary leadership. Guide those who are navigating the digital landscape and help them position themselves as a trailblazer in tech.

   > Spheres of Influence
   > Tech Policy Advocacy
   > C-Level Playbook for Gen AI
   > Talent, skills and literacy
   > New C-role’s First 90 Days  
   > Strategies for Board Leadership
   > Strategic Digital Transformation
   > Hybrid Work Leadership
   > Storytelling for Leaders

GHC 24 Open Source Day: Tailored for innovators and leaders in open source, this all-day virtual codeathon marks the kickoff for GHC. This unique platform brings together diverse minds to lead to a range of projects – from humanitarian initiatives to women-led technological endeavors – intended to position themselves as pioneers in the evolving open source landscape. Abie Awards: This award honors and celebrates leaders who have significantly improved our world through transformative technology. Notable tech and civic innovators should apply, and selected awardees will be recognized for their impactful contributions at Grace Hopper Celebration 2024. 

   > Technical Leadership Abie Award: The Technical Leadership Abie Award is our most prestigious award and celebrates a woman or non-binary technologist who led or developed a product, process, or innovation that made a notable impact on business or society. Nominees must work on projects that require deep technical knowledge and must demonstrate a commitment to increasing the representation of women and non-binary people in tech.

   > Tech in Government Abie Award: The Tech in Government Abie Award highlights the work of a woman or non-binary technologist within the U.S. federal government who has worked behind the scenes in improving governmental services through technical innovation and modernizing the functionality of government. The technologist is a public servant who serves everyday Americans and has been working within the U.S. federal government for 5+ years.

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