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Below are Frequently Asked Questions grouped by topic

First Timers & Updates

  • Is the Career Fair still happening? When can we expect to hear the new plans for the Career Fair?

    Yes, we will host a dedicated Career Fair Extension on November 17 and 18 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. PT.

  • How do I access sessions and keynotes I missed during vGHC?

    If you missed any of our incredible sessions, we are offering On Demand access to sessions (excluding workshops) and select keynotes. You can access it < a href="https://www.gracehoppercelebration.com/">here. You will be able to view the agenda and choose content based on their original date and time. Content is available for 60 days, until 12/04/20. Because workshops included interactive breakouts, we are unable to offer those On Demand. If you hold a Premium Membership, you can access vGHC On Demand in the content library for a full year.

  • Will there be refunds?

    We were delighted to upgrade those of you who had purchased a Career Fair-only ticket to a Student Pass for Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration. With this upgrade, you were given access to 200+ sessions, and new and additional networking events created at vGHC, along with direct access to sponsor companies and organizations as well as the vast majority of networking opportunities that we had originally intended to offer.

    Access to the sessions (excluding workshops) and select keynotes will be On Demand for 60 days post-vGHC, until 12/4/20, for you to watch at your convenience.

    If you still would like to proceed with a refund request, and haven’t logged in to enjoy any of the vGHC content, please contact reginquiries@anitab.org.

    Requests made before November 16 at 11:59 pm PT will be reviewed for consideration. You will be notified within 30 days if your request has been approved. We thank you for your patience

  • What if I have a question not answered here?

    Please reach out to our customer service team at GHC@regsvc.com with any additional questions.

General Attendees
(Including Membership)


  • How will my company benefit from sponsoring Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration?

    People from anywhere in the world have the opportunity to purchase registrations to attend vGHC, which provides your company with an opportunity to reach an even wider audience than our in-person event.

  • Do you have an agenda?

    Our official vGHC agenda will be available closer to the date of the event, and attendees should expect to experience everything they normally would at Grace Hopper Celebration.

  • How will the Career Fair work at vGHC?

    Yes, there will be a Virtual Career Fair. All sponsors will have Career Fair Booths which attendees will be able to visit. They will be able to interact with booth staff, ask questions and learn more about the sponsor organizations.

  • Will there be in Interviews at vGHC?

    Yes. Candidates will be able to interview with sponsor organizations, learn about advancement opportunities and company cultures.

  • What about Attend Sessions/Panels?

    vGHC will have amazing content, including virtual sessions and panels. Much of the content will be accessible post-GHC through on-demand features.

  • How will Networking Receptions and Events work?

    Attendees will be able to participate in sponsor hosted events where they will have the opportunity to network and hear from sponsor organizations, meet their peers, and share their experiences.

  • How many days is vGHC?

    We anticipate vGHC spanning over 5 days, with content available ON DEMAND for up to one year after the Celebration ends. Please note: ON DEMAND access varies based on registration type.

  • Can we use the vGHC logo on our website or SWAG items?

    Any use of the logo, or co-branding with the Celebration, must be approved in advance by AnitaB.org. Please email your request to GHC@AnitaB.org.

  • Can we use Grace Hopper’s image in any of my materials?

    AnitaB.org does not own the rights to Grace’s likeness, and cannot share any images or designs with third parties. Your organization will need to make arrangements with the Hopper estate to receive permission. If you would like to use the Grace Hopper Celebration logo or the name of the event, please email your request to GHC@AnitaB.org.

Speakers & Presenters


Resume Database

First Timers

  • What is the difference between the networking sessions and the career fair?

    Networking sessions are live, interactive sessions hosted on virtual meeting platforms that will allow attendees to network with one another and with representatives from companies sponsoring the networking session. Note that not all networking sessions or lounges are sponsored. A dedicated Career Fair will be scheduled for later in 2020.

  • Sounds like a few things have changed. What is actually going to happen at vGHC?

    All Keynotes, Featured Sessions, Panels, Presentations, and Award Series will be available with unlimited capacity. Interactive sessions including Workshops, Mentoring, Networking, Open Source Day, and Wellness will still occur with capacity limitations.

    Each Sponsor company will still have a Sponsor page for you to visit; this will include all the resources and opportunities they've been planning to share. It is up to each company how they choose to make their recruitment and corporate representatives accessible.

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