#GHC16 Daily Download: Friday, October 21

#GHC16 Daily Download: Friday, October 21

Is it just us, or did these last three days go by WAY TOO fast? Friday at GHC was the best day yet, full of amazing conversations and events, and it’s hard to believe it’s almost over.

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Intersectionality & Women of Color

Use your privilege for good
After describing the research on black entrepreneurship from #ProjectDiane, Darlene Gillard took a question from a white man wondering how he could help. “Invite women of color into your networks,” she said. “You have access to people and opportunities they don’t have. Help them gain that same access.”

Communicate your intentions#WomenInTech Innovations Panel
As the #WomenInTech Innovations panel wrapped up, Natalia Oberti Noguera made a passionate plea: “If you want to be inclusive, be explicit. Don't assume people that who don't identify as cis/heteronormative know they're welcome. SAY IT.” Word.

The struggle is real
On a morning panel, Stephanie Lampkin, Founder and CEO of Blendoor, talked about the difficulty of raising funding as a black gay woman. “I’m the furthest thing from an old white guy. When I go into these meetings… I have to be Jackie Robinson.” Laura I. Gomez, Founder and CEO of Atipica, provided a fantastic insight: “I think equality is a great thing, but equity is a bigger thing.”

Overheard on Twitter

The thing I love about #GHC16 is that we are allowing there to be a narrative told by women of color about women of color. – @LavitaTuff

Realizing that I might wanna be CTO of America #MeganSmith #goals #GHC16 – @TheAnnieLin

Putting Women in Focus

The documentary film “She Started It” played to a full house this morning. We were so excited to see a film centered on women’s experiences in raising capital and learning entrepreneurship. Five stars.


AnitaB.org might be in a city near you
In a discussion about ABI’s local groups, Haila Asanaenyi shared that these groups are a way to drive the Institute’s mission at the local level. Laurie Greer noted that each group is different: “What we're trying to do is support our communities… We try to feed off what the community's needs are.” Have you found a group near you?

Design & Tech

Design is never neutral
Elise Livingston, Program Manger at Microsoft, talked about how accessibility and inclusiveness isn’t about memorizing standards and guidelines, it’s about design. She asked people to consider these questions: 1) Who might be excluded from using my feature? and 2) How will my feature work with assistive technologies?

The messy, important challenge of privacy
In a You and Your Data panel, Eve Schooler of Intel shared: “When people have information about you, they have power over you.” Sarah Squire of Engage Identity challenged us to design consent into our products. What would it mean if every device and app asked for our consent?

Closing Keynote

Jeanette Epps at GHC 16To the moon – and beyond
It was truly incredible to see NASA astronaut and aerospace engineer Jeanette Epps, NASA electrical engineer Christina Deoja, and filmmaker Mimi Valdez on the stage together talking about the amazing role black women played in the US space program. We can’t WAIT for Hidden Figures to come out in December. Popcorn is ON.

Megan Smith at GHC 16If you want to go far, go together
Ever since she arrived at GHC yesterday, Megan Smith has radiated amazing energy and optimism – and she did it again at the keynote, where she shared several high-impact government initiatives and encouraged the audience to get involved. But the best moment was when we all got to sing her Happy Birthday. That means we’re BFFs now, right? Thank you for giving so much to this community, Megan. You’re our hero.

Tackling the multifaceted beast of inequality
Marc Benioff talked about his work on diversity and inclusion, from striving for pay equity to improving public schools. He stressed that leaders must be willing to acknowledge the problem. "In one button, CEO's can find out whether they're paying men more than women – but are they willing to press that button?"

Candid: Silvia Cristina Stegaru, PhD student, Co-founder of Codette

We asked:
What one thing will you take back with you from GHC?

Silvia said:
For me, the most important thing is the feeling that we are not alone, that there are many women out there who could lean in and help you when you need it. GHC gives me strength, because once you have this feeling, you have the power to work even harder toward your goals. 

We hope you leave GHC knowing that YOU are not alone, and that the intelligence and creativity of this community inspires you in the coming year.

You inspire us, and we are so grateful that you chose to spend the last three days with us. Let’s not wait a whole year to reconnect – if you have an ABI.Local group nearby, why not get involved?

See you in Orlando in 2017!

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