2022 Abie Awards Toolkit

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The Abie Awards recognize the success of women and non-binary technologists whose achievements and life stories demonstrate that all of us have the power to improve our world. These 5 awards are bestowed upon individuals who are making an impact in their communities and embody our mission of creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world of technology.

Every year our pool of nominees includes incredible women making their mark on the world of tech. With your help, we can continue this traditional of elevating leaders, innovators, and change makers in the tech ecosystem.

Please share the graphics, copy, and hashtags below with potential applicants.

Abie Award Informational Flyer

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Option 1 The Abie Awards elevate a group of women making outstanding contributions to their communities and across the tech ecosystem. We want to provide recognition and support to take their work to the next level. Please join me in nominating a technologist who represents one of the #AbieAward categories. Learn more here: https://anitab.org/awards-grants/abie-awards/

Option 2 So excited to announce AnitaB.org is now accepting applications for the 2022 Abie Awards! Share this post with women and non-binary technologists in your network and encourage them to apply! Winners receive a cash prize and the chance to speak at GHC 22! Learn more about the #AbieAward categories here: https://anitab.org/awards-grants/abie-awards/

Option 3 Women supporting women is our favorite activity! Help us spread the word about the 2022 Abie Awards. Make sure your favorite technologist applies for this amazing honor! Learn more here: https://anitab.org/awards-grants/abie-awards/ #AbieAward

Note: #AbieWinner should be used when referring to an actual Abie Award winner. #AbieAward should be used when referring to the Abie Awards themselves.

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