GHC 18 Career Fair and Resume Database Welcomes Job-seekers of All Levels

GHC 18 Career Fair and Resume Database Welcomes Job-seekers of All Levels

This September, thousands of attendees will have the opportunity to meet with and be interviewed by numerous organizations at the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC 18) Expo. Whether you’re looking for your first internship or to advance your career, our 2018 Resume Database can help you gain an inside track to the best tech organizations.

The Resume Database allows job-seekers — at all career stages and of all backgrounds — to get their credentials in front of hiring managers at GHC 18 sponsor organizations. Sponsors will meet with interested candidates at their Interview Booths in the Expo, and even potentially offer them jobs on the spot.

Not attending GHC? Not to worry! Sponsors have access to the Resume Database before and after the celebration, allowing them to contact additional talented candidates. “Post-GHC, we utilize the database for event-specific candidate outreach, and use it as a tool for additional sourcing initiatives,” explained Sara Brummel, Accenture’s North America Diversity Recruiting Lead. “We have enjoyed great success in the past engaging and hiring candidates from the database who did not attend the event, and will continue to do so this year.”

Our Resume Database has helped many people secure jobs, including Elissa Martin, who decided to switch to the tech sector in her late twenties. Elissa spent an entire year applying to different jobs without any callbacks before submitting her resume to the database. Within weeks, several organization reached out to her, requesting phone screens and on-site interviews at GHC 17.

“Those in-person opportunities give you an advantage, especially when you’re making a career change, because you can sell your experience and transferrable skills to your interviewer,” Elissa said. “Knowing my strengths helped a lot in the whole process, and the Resume Database was vital to my plan.”

After receiving offers from four different companies, Elissa eventually chose to work at Accenture as a Technology Analyst. “[I]t was the best decision I could have ever made,” she said.

This year, many of our sponsors are focusing on ways to recruit a diverse pool of candidates. Kimberly Cleaves, Accenture’s North America Head of Recruiting, told us that although Accenture’s past GHC hires have been campus and entry level, she is keeping an eye out for experienced professionals. “We are mining the Resume Database prior to, during, and after the event to identify and engage midcareer and senior level women,” she said.

Sponsors are also committed to recruiting and supporting working mothers and women technologists who have taken breaks from their careers to raise their families. Jayne May, Recruiting Program Manager at Intel, revealed that Intel offers childcare solutions such as priority enrollment and backup childcare.

“We also have a New Parent Reintegration Program that allows employees to temporarily modify their work schedules after the birth or adoption of a child, helping them to transition back into a full-time schedule,” Jayne said. “Intel also offers numerous professional development and mentoring programs for women at all stages of their careers.”

Be sure to submit your resume early, and seize this chance to secure your dream job.

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