GHC 20 Review Process

The 2020 Call for Participation (CFP) is closed. Thanks to all who submitted!

Each of our submissions undergoes a rigorous review by highly qualified, passionate teams of volunteer reviewers. We pick reviewers for each track based on their deep understanding of topical areas. They come from large and small organizations, academic institutions, government labs, startups, and nonprofits.

Review Process

We’re committed to ensuring that the GHC review process leads to high quality, credible, and diverse sessions. We review all submissions on a fair and evenhanded basis across all sub-disciplines.

  1. Each reviewer prepares her/his review independently of others looking at the submission.
  2. The committee organizes a discussion of the submissions, but only between reviewers who have already submitted a full review in draft.
  3. Once all submissions receive their ratings, our conference leadership will design a well-balanced program that includes content to appeal to our diverse audience.
    • Due to load balancing and limited program slots, unfortunately, not all meritorious submissions can be accepted. GHC is extremely competitive with an acceptance rate of 15% for GHC 19.
  4. We will send an email notifying you of our submission decision by June 30. In order to preserve the integrity of the process, we do not change these decisions once they are made.

*NOTE: If your submission does not follow the provided format or submission requirements, we will not review your submission.