vGHC 21 - Virtual

Participants joined us globally for our 2nd Virtual Celebration.

GHC 20 - Virtual

Over 30,000 participants globally for our first-ever Virtual Celebration.


A record-breaking 26,000 people attended GHC 19 in Orlando. Check out all the incredible events and offerings from the Celebration!

GHC 18 - Houston, TX

Over 20,000 people joined us in Houston for GHC 18. Check out our sessions, speakers, award winners, and more!

GHC 17, Orlando, FL

We went to Orlando for GHC 17, and held our biggest celebration yet! Learn about our speakers, sessions, and much more.

GHC 16 - Houston, TX

GHC 16 hosted 15,00 attendees– a 35% increase from 2015! These attendees came from 87 countries.

GHC 15 - Houston, TX

GHC 15 hosted 11,702 attendees– a 50% increase from 2014! These attendees came from 63 countries across the globe, including Cyprus, Malawi and Palestine.

GHC 14 - Phoenix, AZ

GHC 14 hosted 800 organizations including corporations and academic institutions worldwide. Nearly 8,000 attendees came to GHC 14.

GHC 13 - Minneapolis, MN

Over 350 leading companies participated in GHC 13. We also had attendees from across the globe representing 53 different countries.

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