Living our Mission at GHC 23 in Florida  

In 2023, we will again host Grace Hopper Celebration in Orlando, Florida, and we will continue to partner with local leaders and community organizations advocating for human rights. This is a difficult decision. We recognize that it is also challenging for many in our community, particularly after elected officials introduced an onslaught of legislation that not only devalues women and non-binary people and, at the intersections, those who live as members of the LGBTQIA+ community but is also aimed at erasing Black history through harmful bills including Stop WOKE. These egregious efforts have led to banned books in schools, making the sharing of almost anything Black a felony, and the removal of the AP African American History course, among other direct challenges to the community’s existence.

In 2023, the constant affront to human dignity in Florida (and many other states) continues. We vehemently oppose the efforts in the state to further erase the identities and dignities of people belonging to intentionally marginalized and excluded groups including Black, Brown, and Indigenous people. We will continue to engage with the local social justice leaders across the state and with more than a thousand members of supported by our Florida Local Community network to monitor the situation. We are staying vigilant to the conditions on the ground and are dedicated to creating a safe space where ALL are welcome. is committed to supporting those who are historically excluded from the technology ecosystem wherever they live, work, and create. In 2022, worked with Equality Florida to raise visibility and awareness at a national and international level of what was happening in Florida. We also donated a portion of the proceeds from GHC 22 registrations to Zebra Coalition and  Florida Access Network—two Florida-based non-profits doing exceptional work.  

We have an incredible opportunity to build on that momentum as we head into a critical election year in 2024. We re-commit to contributing to local leaders and organizations working in Florida to create a safe, welcoming space, and we invite you to join us as we chart The Way Forward. 

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