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GHC15 Male Allies

Male allies are having a moment. I missed the session last year but heard all about it through word of mouth and Twitter. Hearing stories of women being mistreated socially and professionally is difficult but necessary for us to move forward.I’m …

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Open Source Day GHC15 – the story as it happened

The Open Source Day 2015: 300 participants, 8 organisations, 15 open source humanitarian projects, 4 full hours of coding lead to an amazing open source contribution for humanitarian purposes. We kicked-off at 10:00, directly after the first keynote of…

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GHC15: Thursday Plenary

Sheryl Sandberg, COO at FacebookNora Denzel, Ericsson board member, Retired SVP, Big Data, Intuit and Vice Chair, AnitaB.org for a fireside and Q&ASheryl was asked to keynote GHC for years, but refused, as she was not a technical woman. …

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Societal Trends: Growth of Data or Growth in Society (June Andrews)

To predict medical connetions with other pinterest users, She calculated expected connections by using closed form solution. She noticed industry migrations by observing data from construction workers and medical professionals. Another economic insight she showed is that number of employees per executive numbers in a company grew and also gender ratio and diversity among executives. […]

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GHC15: Defenses Presentations

Unwanted Software: Google’s Efforts to Protect Users from Malicious IntentElisabeth Morant, Product Manager at GoogleBiggest problem they are seeing are ad injections.  They issue 5 M safe browsing warnings a day – do not ignore!!!Have launc…

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Using Big Data to Determine Social Network Offline Sales Impact (Rowan Vasquez)

Large quantities of data , lack of research and mobile traffic are few of the challenges twitter researchers are facing. She first did experiments to gather some days. Holdback methodology –  where split groups into 2 and collected data on observations. Picked up logs and extracted and processed data. Hadoop, pig and scalding and R […]

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Computational Art to introduce computing doe CS0 and Outreach

After Attending an AI session at the Grace Hopper Conference I participated in a GFX session/workshop. The first task for the participants of the workshop was to be creative! Draw yourself as the master of code in 30 seconds. This … Continue reading

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Follow, #hashtag and @mention: Mining Social Media for Disaster Response (Danelle Shah

Number of mobile devices has exceeded human population and this only continues to increase New apps and platforms Advances in data science The challenges faced in using data for disaster recovery Problems of big data – Volume velocity variety veracity value Requires processing and sense making of the data Presence of policies in social networking […]

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Virality At BuzzFeed (Anita Mehrotra)

Overall thoughts: Anita captured succinctly the area of social network data, how graph data is complex and what goes into analyzing sharing and why do we even care about sharing trends. Some quick points from her presentation Susceptible infected recovery model is used to figure out how the sharing of black and blue dress blew […]

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A Glimpse of the Future: Emerging Technologies at GHC15

This was a lively and insightful session  featuring Kate Boeckman, Obi Felten, Asta Roseway, Jess Kimball Leslie, and Vida Ilderem, who are all immersed in different aspects of emerging technologies. The discussion that touched on a lot of interesting emerging technologies, from smart homes and the Internet of Things, to self driving cars. Full notes from the […]

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