Eva Esteban Velasco

Eva Esteban Velasco

Emerging Tech Winner


Eva is an award-winning Embedded Software Engineer at OpenBCI known for her work at the intersection of brain-computer interfaces and mixed reality. Holding an M.Eng and B.Eng in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell Tech and the University of Surrey, she specializes in wearable sensing and autonomous systems. Formerly at GE Healthcare, her expertise in neurology and medical virtual reality garnered international recognition.

Additionally, Eva founded Unipeers, a non-profit dedicated to supporting international students pursuing STEM degrees in the US. Her commitment to inclusivity encompasses over a decade of work with Women’s Engineering Society, IEEE, GirlsGetSET, and more organizations.

Eva’s dedication to pushing boundaries extends beyond work, as she consistently challenges her limits through endurance training while raising funds for charity. With a passion for inspiring the next generation of engineers, she is committed to expanding the horizons of human augmentation.

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