#GHC15 For the foodies

I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t put this list out for others to enjoy and discover all the amazing food that Houston has to offer. The restaurants are littered all over Houston and at various price ranges. There’s a ton of amazing food and I hope you can make time to choose one and enjoy! Links to reviews via Yelp!


Killen’s BBQ

The essential place to go. Get there early (like before they open early) and be prepared to wait. It’s a little far from the places you were looking to go but if you want bbq Killen’s is the place to go.

CorkScrew BBQ

They actually moved out to Spring Texas (north of Houston) and will reopen in September just in time for the conference. I went one time and waited 2 hours in line. #noregrets. Get the ribs before they run out. 

Mexican/Tex Mex/Tacos


Hugo’s is Mexican food elevated. It is delicious and worth the price tag.

El Tiempo or Ninfa’s on Navigation 

Tied in my book for Tex Mex. Right across the street from each other too! Fajitas are stellar at both but the margaritas are stronger at El Tiempo. 

Dona Maria

I’ve been coming here for as long as I can remember and trek down here occasionally. The budget friendly tex mex option compared to the others. Open for breakfast and lunch. I adore their crispy tacos and picadillo. Family owned and operated.

Villa Arcos

Been coming here for as long as I can remember too! This place does Mexican breakfast tacos like no one’s business.  People say the green sauce is really spicy. I don’t think so but I’m Hispanic so…they have red sauce I believe that’s not as spicy.


The Breakfast Klub*, Voodoo Queen

Can we just chat about my love for chicken and waffles? Both these places make the list for just that. The breakfast klub inches ahead though luring me out of my slumber with their southern style breakfast. The breakfast klub gets packed so I’d get there early (on weekends). Southern breakfast food at it’s finest. And yes, I’ll take some grits + toast to go. Voodoo Queen is this divey bar that has a tiki feel. My friends call it hipster central…which is probably true…but hey for $5 for chicken and waffles…pass the syrup. 

* You should probably know that if you plan on coming, you’re going to be here a while and should probably wear those sweat yoga pants.


PondicheriIndika or The London Sizzler

Indian food at its finest. I hit up Pondicheri after shopping and enjoy hanging outside. Indika’s lamb shank has my heart. The London Sizzler’s garlic naan is something you’d want to purchase in bulk. Seriously. 


Kata Robata Sushi and Grill.

I’ve never had a lychee martini that’s been better anywhere else haha. I like their Ramen when it’s Texas cold (which isn’t that cold…) .  I’ve shown up without a reservation but better make one if you are interested in going during the weekend.


Oh man, their sushi. They get packed though. A Houston favorite.  Probably a good idea to phone ahead for reservations.


Hubcap Grill or Whataburger

So there are two locations for Hubcap. One is downtown and the other is in the heights. The one in the heights is bigger and has better hours but the one in downtown is very consistent (and cash only) so I tend to send people to that location. Whataburger is the Texas version of In and Out. They have a loyal following; a chain burger joint but if you wanna compare that’s cool too haha.


Pho Binh Trailer.

There’s something to be said about this joint. It isn’t pricey and it’s practically in a trailer for heavens sake and yet people still come here. It’s that good. Pho ga FTW! 

Huynh Restaurant

It’s right by the George R Brown. They have Vietnamese steak and eggs on the weekend that are so good. Plus they are BYOB. If you want to do Vietnamese in Houston go here. Other notable dishes: bo luc lac or the bahn cuon with pork. 

Les Grival’s Sandwich and Café (midtown)

The place for Banh mis in Houston. My favorite is their pork bahn mi + a café su da. Perfect for lunch. Don’t be discouraged if there’s a line out-it tends to move quickly. 

New American


My mouth waters haha. If you choose go come here please make a reservation!

Cook and Collins

Their Saturday brunch makes my weekend better. They also have a deck which is a nice place to be when the weather permits. They have this cinnamon roll with bacon icing that’s worth all the calories. It’s pretty big so be prepared to share.

Hot dogs

Good Dog Houston or Moon tower Inn or Happy Fatz

I love good dog and have this thing with their homemade chips. Moon tower has artesian hot dogs and a great beer selection. I’ll be honest though, Moon Tower tends to lag on service and is outdoors but YMMV. Good times are had by all at Happy Fatz.

Ice Cream

Cloud 10 Creamery or Fat Cat Creamery

Both super awesome places for ice cream. Fat cat does ice cream floats with their Mexican vanilla bean ice cream and Saint Arnold’s (local brewery) root beer that is just my favorite thing in the world.



Kitchen 713

Get the fried catfish or the fried chicken for two. Promise you won’t regret it!

Frenchy’s Chicken (original location by University of Houston)

Oh man their fried chicken. The area is kind of sketch I’ll admit but the food more than makes up for it. Been coming here since I was little. They tend to change out their desserts but I haven’t met a dessert I regretted.


Asia Market Thai food  

So this tiny Thai gem is actually located inside of a grocery store. Tables are fairly small (sits 2-4) so probably not the best place for a larger crowd. Their laab and paw see ew are so good. Plus when you are done, you can walk around and get snacks!  Parking is super tight so carpool if you can.

I tried my hardest to make sure all of these were in Houston proper with a couple of exceptions. Killens+ CorkScrew BBQ is the furthest.  I made note of those that you’d probably want to make a reservation since they tend to be the ones that are full. Houston has a ton of great restaurants. These are just some of my favorites. The places closest to the George R Brown are Huynhs, Moon Tower, Ninfa’s, El Tiempo and Dona Maria.

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