#GHC17 Heads to Orlando – Hotels Galore!

#GHC17 Heads to Orlando – Hotels Galore!

As the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) grows, we’re thrilled to be able to make the celebration available to more of the women we serve. As we grow in size, however, it has become difficult to find cities and convention centers that fit our wonderful community and keep the intimate feel from the original celebrations. The Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, our location for #GHC17, is perfect for our group because it offers a fun and compact site for learning, networking, and celebrating.

Not only will you get to meet Minnie or hang out on the Hogwarts Express after the celebration, but our official hotels during the three-day conference will make getting to and from the convention center super easy. We blocked rooms in more than 25 hotels of varying price and distance from the convention center, so you can pick the hotel that best meets your taste and budget. There are even three hotels connected to the convention center itself that offer more than 5,000 rooms!

As always, we will offer shuttles to and from official GHC hotels that are not within walking distance (½ a mile from the convention center), providing you and your team a convenient way to get to the convention center. All hotels are within 3 miles.

Ready to book your hotel rooms? If you are a sponsor, group booking opened March 1. Check your sponsor portal for details about the process.

For non-sponsors, we open booking the day of GHC registration – July 19, 2017. We sell out quickly, so we highly recommend waiting until you have a confirmed registration in hand before booking any hotel rooms. With this many options you can be assured there will be rooms available.

We can’t wait to see you in Orlando.


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