Courtney Snavely

Courtney Snavely

Business: Ovee

Courtney is the CTO of Ovee. She started Ovee with her co-founder, Jane Mitchell, after each of their personal struggle trying to find accurate reproductive health information and resources in NYC.  

Prior to Ovee, Courtney worked as a microbiology researcher and developed an affinity for programming through her graduate studies at Parsons School of Design. In addition to programming and compulsively researching venereal diseases, she builds alternative video game controllers and teaches creative coding courses. 

Ovee is a sexual and reproductive health hub for people with vaginas. Through their platform, they connect people to medically accurate content and curated products, answer questions in a safe space, and provide a supportive community to help people navigate their sexual & reproductive health.  

At Ovee, the mission is to ensure every person with a vagina–– regardless of gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, race, or age–– has access to the resources they need to confidently manage their sexual & reproductive health.  

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