Nassim Abdi, Ph.D.

Nassim Abdi, Ph.D.

Business: StoryBolt

Nassim Abdi, Ph.D., is the CEO and Co-founder of StoryBolt. She is a storyteller and evangelist on finding the intersection of entertainment and learning in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has 12 years of academic experience in the field of intersectionalities of gender, race, and other identities as they relate to systems of discrimination or disadvantage. Nassim is also the leading actress of a Netflix-featured film, Secret Ballot, (by Sony Pictures). The film was on theatrical tours across the US and Europe and was the winner of many international film festivals and a Golden Lion Nominee at Venice Film Fest in 2001. Her vision for StoryBolt was shaped by the life-changing experience of the film as it engaged her in Q&A sessions and exposed her to the power of movies and how candid human connections could change perspectives and facilitate courageous conversations in the workplace. 

StoryBolt is a marketplace of stories and storytellers for virtual employee engagement Solutions. The platform connects organizations to documentary filmmakers and helps them each receive access to the content that matters most to them. While the platform enables filmmakers to monetize their short documentaries, organizations use the power of documentary storytelling to create a positive culture that improves employee engagement and retention. United Airlines, Amazon, Paylocity, and Northwestern University are among our current clients and they’re in final conversations with Google Cloud, Toyota, and many others. 

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