Sophia Velastegui

Sophia Velastegui

Named one of Business Insider’s “Most Powerful Female Engineers in 2017,” Sophia Velastegui recently joined Doppler Labs as Chief Product Officer. Before Doppler Labs, Sophia was the Head of Silicon/Architecture Roadmap and worked on Special Projects at Alphabet’s Nest as it grew from a small company and scaled under Alphabet. Prior to joining Nest in 2014, Sophia led the “Think Tank” Program Management at Apple. She previously led the company’s Laptop & Special Projects Product Management group.

Her experiences in Silicon Valley, as well as her prior experience at Applied Materials, Harvard Business School, Berkeley, and Georgia Tech, provide her with global perspectives on productizing technology, execution, and strategic planning. She’s been awarded a number of patents and is also active in the greater tech community.

Beyond her work at Doppler, Sophia is on the advisory board of Georgia Tech, a Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering. She is also an advisor and mentor in Georgia Tech’s Create X incubator. Additionally, Sophia is a board director of, a nonprofit servicing children and adults with disabilities. Sophia was born in Gwang-ju, South Korea, and currently resides in Silicon Valley.

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