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GHC 14 Special Dietary Needs

GHC 14 is over. Please click here for information on GHC 17 Food & Dining.


When you register for GHC, you can identify any special dietary needs. Just check the box.

GHC provides Vegetarian/Vegan and Gluten-Free meal options during all hosted meals and at paid concession areas. Simply ask your server if you are attending a hosted meal.

GHC conference will not serve nuts on any dish (nut-free event).

Kosher and Halal Meals
GHC provides Kosher and Halal meals available for purchase in advance.  Attendees must pre-order and pay in advance to ensure proper preparation and delivery.  The meals will be delivered to the Convention Center and available for the attendee to pick up.   Details regarding the specific pick up time and location will be emailed to the attendee prior to the conference.

Meals may be ordered for delivery on Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday of conference week.  Each day you may select breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.  Each meal includes a bottled beverage.

Hot Breakfast – $60
Hot Lunch – $100
Hot Dinner – $110

Kosher or Halal meals must be ordered and paid for by Friday, September 12. You may purchase your meals when you register for the conference.  You can pay at the time you register or come back to finalize your order and payment any time before Friday, September 12.

We will not process any incomplete orders or orders placed after Friday, September 12 and there will be no ordering available onsite.  You may cancel any order prior to September 12.

For questions, please email us at