vGHCI Leadership and Program Committee


The vGHCI leadership and program committees are comprised of a high energy team of experienced leaders and professionals from the technology industry and academia. They have a strong passion for technology and a deep commitment to support and mentor fellow women technologists to grow in their careers. Many of them have been associated with GHCI since its inception, seeing the conference grow from 300 to over 5,000 attendees in 10 years.

The team collaborates on coordinating overall content for the tracks, spread the motivation to participate in “Call For Submissions”, work on submission reviews, interact with speakers and brainstorm on the program design. Program design includes content, session topics, and provide the resources to oversee and ensure all processes and timelines are followed for planning and execution of the Celebration. All of this brings the research and career interests of women in computing and technology to the forefront.

The vGHCI team brings out a successful Celebration each year with a huge positive impact and a difference in our attendees’ education and future!

Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI) Leadership and Program Committee

Program Chairs

Arati Deo, Google
Meenakshi Iyer, Standard Chartered
Krithika G, SAP
Maheshwari Dhandapani, Redhat

GHCI Track Chairs

Track: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science
Manjira Sinha, IIT Kharagpur
Tulasi Menon, Microsoft

Track: Cloud Computing
Sreedevi, Amazon
Pushpalatha G.P., VMware

Track: Career 360
Sushma Chakkirala, IBM
Sowmya Venugopal,  Epsilon

Track: Design for Digital Experiences
Ashu Thangaraj, Opentext
Jaya Sharma, Walmart Labs

Track: Emerging Technologies and Industry Trends
Jaya Srivastava, Microsoft
Kanika Jain, PayPal

Shobika Shivakumar, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

 Expert Meetups/Networking Circles/Speed Mentoring
Sowmya Vijayalakshmi, Cisco

Track: Hardware, Internet of Things, and Edge
Divya Anand, Cisco
Ruby Tomar, HPI

Track: Open Source
Krithika Surianarayanan, Standard Chartered
Manidipa Mitra, ValueLabs

Track: Original Research
Laxmi Mukund, Cisco
SaiSheela Rajan, PayPal

Soundari Arunachalam, Honeywell
Poonam Garg, Western Digital

Track: Security and Privacy
Sreedevi, Amazon
Pushpalatha G.P, VMware

Track: Student Scholarships
Kanchan Joshi, ANZ
Zainab Hyderi, Genpact Digital

Track: Technology Driving Social Impact
Annie Thomas, Tata Consultancy Services
Shilpa Gite, Qualys

Tech Pathways Program
Hima Patel, IBM
Yamuna T N

Track: Tech Talks
Harini Seshadri, Morgan Stanley
Neelam Thakur, Standard Chartered Bank

Tech Workshops
Lakshmi Gayatri, VMware
Swapna Viswanath, Philips

Track: Transform Service Operations
Anu Ravi, ANZ
Mahati ChandraMohan, Paypal

Women in Leadership (By-invite session)
Nivedita Aggarwal, Google
Sindhu kurup, Wellsfargo


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