GHC 24 Features

GHC 24 Open Source Day

Join us virtually for GHC 24 Open Source Day on October 4th! Participate in this pre-GHC virtual code-a-thon dedicated to coding and exploring the Open Source community. Dive into a diverse range of topics, from Linux Kernel Hacking to Natural Language Processing, Technical Project Management with GitHub, and more. Each project offers a distinct chance for participants at every level to expand their technical skills and knowledge base.

Career Fair & Expo

The Career Fair is a chance to connect directly with GHC 24 Sponsors & Patrons. Visit their profile to learn more about their organization, and book in-person and virtual 1:1 meetings. Please note these meetings with GHC 24 Sponsors and Patrons are limited.

Attendees joining the celebration in Philadelphia can also visit Sponsor and Patron booths in the Expo to make invaluable connections.

GHC 24 Event Platform & App

Whether you’re attending in-person or virtually, the GHC 24 event platform and app provide a seamless way to manage your agenda, view live stream and on-demand sessions, foster connections with fellow attendees, and actively engage with Sponsors and Patrons.


Join us for an experience that transcends boundaries and illuminates the path ahead! With an impressive array of 14 tracks, 4 session formats, and 400+ sessions, there’s something for every member of the GHC community. Explore featured speakers, and plan your agenda with this comprehensive list of sessions and descriptions.

All sessions are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. In-person attendees are encouraged to take advantage of the queuing rooms on-site—a designated area where attendees line up prior to sessions.

  • Keynote & Featured Sessions
    Immerse yourself in the heart of GHC 24 as we present captivating Plenary and Featured Sessions.
  • Breakout Sessions
    • Panels | Join thought-provoking discussions and hear aha-moments from industry experts in these dynamic panel sessions. Topics range from emerging tech trends to career advancement strategies.
    • Presentations | Explore cutting-edge technology, delve into best practices that drive success, and gain insights into shaping your career trajectory in our GHC 24 lectures.
    • Workshops | Embark on a journey of skill enhancement and knowledge enrichment with our immersive workshops. Further develop existing skills, or learn new ones. Please review the session details for any possible prerequisites and setup guidelines. Bring your questions – Workshop facilitators are here to guide you every step of the way!
    • Lightning Talks | During these distilled 15-minute talks, industry experts will share views on technology, best practices, and career topics. Don’t miss this opportunity to absorb concentrated knowledge, get inspired by fresh ideas, and accelerate your learning journey.
  • Queuing Rooms
    • To ensure a seamless experience during the Breakout session schedule, Queuing Rooms will be utilized. Attendees can start lining up for their desired sessions one hour before the scheduled start time. It’s a first-come, first-served system, so be sure to arrive early to secure your spot. These Queuing Rooms will operate until their capacity is reached. Join us and stay ahead of the crowd!

Networking & Connections

Step away from sessions and take the opportunity to introduce yourself to new faces and foster fresh connections. Immerse yourself in the Live Studio, drop by a Local Community or Systers Group in the Community Lounge, set up a Braindate with other GHC attendees for engaging conversations, and meet select speakers during Speaker Meet & Greets.

  • Braindate | Are you eager to expand your network and make valuable connections during GHC 24? Engage in Braindates – insightful knowledge-sharing discussions you can schedule with fellow attendees. These one-on-one or small group conversations take place virtually or in person at the Braindate Lounge. Braindates provide an optimal environment for brainstorming, sharing expertise, and exchanging experiences while making connections.
  • Speaker Meet & Greets | Get up close and personal with the brilliant minds shaping the tech industry! In-person attendees have the opportunity to meet, converse, and take a photo with the speaker.
  • Community Lounge | Visit the Community Lounge to meet and join Local Communities and Systers Groups. Meet Community and Systers leaders and members who will share valuable insights about their groups including events, activities, and networking opportunities. Volunteers will be on hand to help attendees join a Local Community or Systers Group on the spot!
  • For our virtual attendees, explore joining one of our sister community groups:
    • About Local Communities: Expand your network by joining an Local Community. Women and non-binary technologists share best practices, inspirations, tips, and ideas and support our community. Meet technologists near you to share resources, find (or become) a mentor, and attend local events. Virtual GHC attendees can find and join their Local Community here.
    • About Systers: Systers hosts 20 different affinity groups where women technologists can connect with and offer support to members of their self-identified cultures. Systers welcomes women of all ages and at any stage of their studies or careers. Systers was originally developed as an electronic mailing list for women working in computer science. Today it continues to provide a private, safe online space for women involved in all technical aspects of computing to grow, learn and succeed. Virtual attendees can join the Systers Discord channel here.
  • Live Studio | Live Studio is the hub to connect virtual attendees with what is happening live at GHC and provide an intimate setting for in-person attendees to relax and listen as we chat with Keynote, Featured, and Community speakers.
  • Anita Borg On Demand Studio | The Anita Borg On Demand Studio hosts GHC 24 session recordings featuring distinguished speakers and sponsors. Both virtual and in-person registrants can access these recordings at their convenience during the event and up to 60 days after. Opening and Closing Plenary, Featured Sessions, Presentations, and Panels will be available on demand but are subject to change. Check the session descriptions in the agenda to learn if the recording is available.

PitcHER™ Competition

Immerse yourself in the world of innovation and the drive of women and non-binary entrepreneurs leading early-stage tech startups through the PitcHER™ Competition brought to you in partnership with Philly Startup Leaders. Exclusively held on-site at GHC 24, this competition promises attendees a front-row seat to witness electrifying pitch presentations, culminating in the announcement of winners on Oct. 10.


GHC 24 attendees receive a complimentary 1-Year Premium Membership with their registration. Supercharge your career journey by leveraging membership offerings like career coaching, leadership training, and mentorship – just to name a few.

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