GHC Boot Camp Scholarships

GHC Boot Camp Scholarships

The GHC Scholars Program provides scholarships to women and non-binary individuals who are from boot camps or other tech-related certification programs to attend GHC 23 virtually.

Program Benefits:

  • Complimentary GHC 23 virtual registration
  • Premium Membership Benefits for 1 year
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Access to Mentorship Programs
  • Academic & Technical Events & Resources
  • Community of fellow women and non-binary technologists
  • & More!

Program Expectations

  • Participate in at least one pre-GHC Scholars event
  • Participate in at least one post-GHC Scholars event
  • Attend at least three other Membership events throughout the year
  • Attend at least three workshops/sessions at Grace Hopper Celebration 2023
  • Consistent communication with program staff and cohort members
  • Stay active throughout the year in our private Scholars Slack channel


  • Must be 18 years of age by September 26, 2023
  • Must reside in the United States or United States territories
  • Must show proof of being currently enrolled in a technical training program (e.g., coding boot camp or another accelerated coding program)
  • Must NOT be a current student or faculty member at an accredited higher education institution

If you receive a GHC Boot Camp Scholarship and do not notify that you cannot attend the Celebration, you will not be eligible in future years as this takes an opportunity away from another individual that could have attended.

Please note that as a U.S.-based organization, we must comply with all applicable U.S. laws and regulations, including those regarding financial transactions with certain countries and individuals. We will contact you if these laws and regulations affect your complimentary registration/grant or if we require more information to make such a decision. You may obtain additional details regarding the laws and regulations referenced above by visiting this website.

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