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General FAQs

Registration FAQs


Terms & Conditions

  • Terms & Conditions for participation in events produced by AnitaB.org

    Last Updated: April 1, 2021

  • Refunds and Substitutions

    Refunds will be provided by refund request document provided by AnitaB.org or its subsidiaries.

    Refunds shall be made only to the 'Source of funds’ used while registering for the event. Refunds to source reflect within 30 to 45 working days after a request for refund is approved. No cash refunds will be provided under any circumstances.

    AnitaB.org will have full power in any matter of interpretation, amendment, and/or enforcement of these Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions without notice.

  • Event Terms & Conditions

    These AnitaB.org Event Terms and Conditions (“Event Terms”) apply to all events and potential sub-events produced by AnitaB.org. As a condition of registration and participation, attendees, sponsors, volunteers, speakers, organizers, venue staff, media, exhibitors, vendors, and other guests (“Participant,” or “you”) are required to acknowledge and accept these Terms and Conditions. Participants are also expected to be respectful to other Participants, event staff and contractors, and to abide by the Code of Conduct incorporated herein by reference.

    AnitaB.org as well as its subsidiaries (Anita Borg Women’s Technology Programmes Ltd (“AnitaB.org India”)) reserve the right to change these policies from time to time, at any time, with or without any notice. Any changes will be made with the utmost care for the purpose of creating a fair and enjoyable customer experience. Such changes will be effective immediately upon publication, on a going forward basis.
    An event produced by, or on behalf of, AnitaB.org shall be referred to as the “Event” hereinafter in this document.

  • Registration and Payment

    All Participants must finalize their registration for the Event in order to attend. Individuals with incomplete and/or unpaid (if applicable) registrations will not be able to attend the Event.

  • Granting Participant Registration and Admission

    AnitaB.org or their officially designated event management staff (together and individually, “Event Staff”), in their sole discretion, reserve the right to accept or decline an individual’s registration. Further, Event Staff reserve the right to prohibit entry or remove any Participant or other individual, whether registered or not, whose conduct, in their sole opinion is not in keeping with the Code of Conduct, these Event Terms and Conditions, and the character, and purpose of the Event. Without limiting the foregoing, Event Staff reserve the right to remove or refuse entry to any Participant who has registered or gained access under false pretenses or provided false information. Unauthorized solicitation anywhere at the Event is prohibited and may be grounds for removal.

  • Identification

    To verify registered participants at an Event, Event Staff might ask for the Unique ID provided at the time of registration and any other valid government-issued photo ID. Participants may not have another individual participate in their place at any Event related activity without Event Staff prior approval.

  • Access to Events and Sub-events

    All Event sessions and networking events require a valid proof of ticket purchase for admission. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, persons under the age of 18 are not allowed at Events or Sub-events.

  • Personal Data Privacy

    AnitaB.org does not share personal data about event attendees with sponsors or other attendees unless: (1) you specifically opt into such sharing via an event registration form; or (2) you attend an AnitaB.org event and share information voluntarily on your profile; or (3) you provide information to any sponsor anywhere during the event. If you do not wish for your information to be shared in this manner, you may choose not to do so at any of these points. If you choose to share your information in the manners described above, your information will be subject to the business partners’ or sponsors’ respective privacy statements.

    How AnitaB.org will use your personal data: We ask for a variety of demographic information during the registration process. The data collected is used strictly for the organization of the event as well as for our impact report and attendance reporting, and personal information is never shared except as described above. We also may use your contact information to send important updates related to the mission of AnitaB.org or to AnitaB.org events. If there is not an opt out link included in the email, simply send an email to GHC@AnitaB.org to inform us of your wishes.
    You can find the full AnitaB.org Privacy Policy here: https://anitab.org/privacy-policy/

  • Export Laws

    You represent that you have no intent, knowing or unknowing, and will make commercially reasonable efforts to avoid, to make the Services available to, the resident of any embargoed country or a prohibited person under any export control or anti-terrorism law, regulation or list. You agree to comply fully with all applicable export laws and regulations to ensure that neither the service nor any technical data related thereto are exported or re-exported directly or indirectly in violation of, or used for any purposes prohibited by, such laws and regulations.

  • Recordings by Participants

    Recordings by a Participant of any kind are prohibited without prior written consent of the Participant being recorded. Participants may not capture or use the materials presented in any meeting/session room or in session notes on display without written permission. Individuals not complying with these requirements will be asked to surrender their recording media and may be asked to leave the event.

  • Accepted Forms of Payment

    Payment is accepted by Debit and Credit Card only- Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Unfortunately, we do not accept payment by Corporate Cheque nor Wire Transfer. Fees, taxes, exchange rates etc. might apply and will be shown and added at check-out. Cash payments are not accepted.


While we champion diversity and advocate for inclusion, we have taken extensive measures to ensure that this programming is culturally sensitive and appropriate for the safety of our viewers and participants.

We respect laws, practices, cultures, and communities of every nation and region. Out of respect for those convening in the event, we will be using gender-neutral language throughout our programming and asking all our participants to do the same.

The views and opinions expressed during the event and on the platform do not necessarily state or reflect those of AnitaB.org or its affiliates.

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